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Patient, Fun, Encouraging, Professional, Convenient, Community & Value!

These words embody our mission to assist you with your dream of playing music. We understand how confusing and frustrating it’s been for most adults to attempt learning an instrument. We have designed and built a system and culture of teaching on the premise of demystifying the process while making it more fun.

If you feel lost in the endless deluge of YouTube videos and depersonalized online lessons, Horizon School of Music will help you find exactly the guidance and inspiration you need to reach your musical goals.

Playing music is so much more than reading little black dots on a page and learning scales, it’s an opportunity to express yourself creatively while sharing the experience of a universal language.

Our job is to help you master the music YOU love, coach you on a wide variety of musical skills and be there to inspire throughout your musical journey. It all starts with having fun and learning the music that moves you.


Are you a beginner who’s eager to learn your first full song or an experienced player seeking the inspiration and tools required to reach the next level? Our top music instructors will help guide you with efficiency and expertise.

Just fill out the form below and we’ll contact you shortly to arrange a complimentary assessment so we can pair you with the best matched instructor.

There are no contracts and you are under no obligation to continue lessons at any time. What have you got to lose? Please sign up and join our ever growing community of like minded music lovers.

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