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Kris Schulz

My passion is performing, composing and teaching music. My specialty is guitar, all forms of it, and playing music brings me joy on a level that can't be compared to anything else I've experienced - well almost anything. You see while I was following my heart to be an artist, a funny thing happened. I discovered an equal passion to share my musical knowledge with others.

For almost 30 years, I have balanced my career as an artist with my passion for teaching others. Along the way, I have learned a very important lesson on musical fulfillment: only play what you love! Our time is too valuable to waste on learning music you don't like - it's as simple as that.

I believe every second of energy we devote to our passions should serve self-fulfillment and personal growth. People excel at things they love to do. If they're taught tools and strategies to accelerate their learning and combine efficiency with true passion, incredible results and growth will happen!


Jillian Schulz

I fell in love with the piano at age six and shortly after that began studying classical music. Inspired by great composers such as; Chopin & Liszt, I received my ARCT from the Royal Conservatory of Canada at the age of 17. I'm most inspired by beautiful melodies and love to mix popular music and jazz improvisation into my classical teaching. My passion for working with people motivated me to obtain my Master of Education in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. I have found no greater fulfillment then helping people reach their personal goals and watching them grow through the art of music.


Don Alder

Don Alder is one of the top acoustic guitarists in the world, and one of Canada’s premiere harp guitarists. His unique style and energetic performances have been called intense, passionate and awe-inspiring. He can make a single instrument sound like a four-piece band. Don Alder winner of the 2011 Guitar Idol, 2010 Guitar Superstar, and the 2007 International finger style championships makes you believe he’s all about playing guitar, however, Alder plays music and sings in the key of social responsibility and uses his guitar to inspire a new generation of guitarists to do the same by having a positive impact in their community.

From 1985-87 Alder put his music career on hold to help his friend Rick Hansen go around the world in a wheelchair. Upon returning Don continued his journey as a volunteer working with various wheelchair sport organizations, the Vancouver Adapted Music Society in the awareness band Spinal Cord and then representing Canada at the 1996 and 2000 Paralympics as the Equipment Manager/Tech for the Canadian Paralympic Team.

He has over 2 million views on YouTube, has been featured in the major acoustic guitar magazines and has performed around the world including TED-X, Montreal Jazz Festival, All Star Guitar Night in Nashville and many others.


Kelly Brown

A Vancouver main stay, Kelly Brown’s music embraces a unique, modern sound, that is rooted in soul- jazz, punctuated with funk, hip- hop, reggae, and Latin grooves. With an original sound on guitar Kelly Brown, is consistently performing with Vancouver's best musicians , with the ability to do fresh takes on well known jazz classics as well as re-arranged pop songs and infuse them with a distinctive flair that people really enjoy.

Kelly is a third generation guitar player in his family, he has been teaching for 35 years , for him teaching and playing are not separate as that was how he was taught, by playing with his father and various musicians around his home town. Many of Kelly's students have gone on to win scholarships for numerous Universities and College's throughout North America.

His students have won Juno awards among many other great accomplishments.


Clark Grieve

Clark has received over 22 years of private instruction in guitar, piano, and voice, and has been teaching guitar and bass since 2011. As an undergraduate of the BSC program from SFU, Clark also tutors science and math. A combination of his tutoring and musical work, Clark’s teaching philosophy recognizes that progress is the natural result of enjoyment; as such, he individually tailors his lessons to each student’s unique interests.

Clark is especially passionate about songwriting, music production, performance, and musical equipment and technology; he actively engages in these interests with various bands and projects. Clark delights in sharing his passion for music with students of all genres, ages, abilities.


Eli Slamang

When I started playing guitar at the age of 8, I had never thought that 16 years later I'd still be doing it. The gift of music that was given to me by my guitar instructors was something that changed my life and put me on the path towards sharing the same gift with others. I specialize in metal guitar, and have been playing shows locally and across the country in various bands for the past 8 years of my life.

I now aim to help people explore the realms of "shred guitar" while also pushing the boundaries of what it can be and help to understand what and how some of our favourite guitar players are doing. Whether it's technique, tone, or writing, I will help you gain the abilities and knowledge to "shred".


Danny Baruffa

Danny's approach to teaching is a rounded one. His diploma in audio engineering allows him to lend insight into areas such as recording and mixing from a musicians perspective, while his over twenty years of guitar playing enable him to lend insight into the depths of music and guitar.

Danny's goals in teaching are aimed at aiding students in growing the mind and body, in both music and life. The understanding that the ideas and concepts behind mastering any craft or skill are the same ideas and concepts behind leading a happy and healthy life style is at the forefront.

Danny's musical influences range from progressive metal to the Beatles and plenty more spanning the 50's and beyond in a vast appreciation for strong song writing, musical expression and innovation.