Our Mandate



Is to promote and share the transformative health and wellness benefits that result from learning the language of music. Our MISSION is to ensure that everyone receives equal access to experiencing this enriching gift of art regardless of physiological, psychological, cognitive or financial barriers.

We believe that learning to play music is a highly personal experience and shouldn't feel like repetitive or uninspired work. Therefore, we are committed to teaching each student the music they truly love and are inspired to learn. Passion and purpose are required to fan the flames of long-term musical growth. We are transparent in our agenda, which is to ensure that each lesson provides tremendous value as well as a joyful and enriching life experience.

Whether your goals are professional or not, we aim to develop natural and efficient technical habits while adapting to the unique and ever expanding learning styles of each student. We believe in the stress and anxiety reducing benefits of a positively guided musical journey. Our teachers are artists who truly care about your personal goals and well-being. We are committed to fostering an environment where personal self-esteem and the desire to grow and learn can abide in abundance. 

Horizon School of Music is not content simply to innovate the outdated and clunky learning system that has blocked millions from unlocking their musical creativity. We exist to rewrite the entire game so everyone can play.